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Selling Acce - Red Kirin

2018/08/11 (Sat) 00:25:15

Sell> Valeron Necklace + 2 pcs Novia Ring
$100 Paypal or Steam Coupon thank you Reply if ur interest

Re: Selling Acce - Red Kirin

2018/08/11 (Sat) 07:53:10

Acce Sold out, only vis left, stock 25G, 1G = $5, buy all only $100 Paypal or Steam reply if interest

need faction - reinard

2018/08/06 (Mon) 06:13:49

im new and im active payer need a faction for raids and missions.. please contact me leave your fam name to pm you.

Re: need faction - reinard

2018/08/06 (Mon) 06:15:59

looking on JGE

Re: need faction - Rengar

2018/08/08 (Wed) 02:54:39

Family lvl?

Re: need faction - reinard

2018/08/08 (Wed) 10:16:35

fam lvl 50 and rising active player.

Re: need faction - Rengar

2018/08/11 (Sat) 02:20:40

whats ur IGN??
or send Mail to Rengar

Sell ACC SET - lange

2018/08/11 (Sat) 01:54:05

Sell Valeron Acc Set (Earring,Necklace,Belt,Glove,Boot)

$150 Steam Gift Card
Reply if ur interested

Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Despair URL

2018/07/29 (Sun) 07:57:27

Rate 1G JGE Vis = 200m EU Vis

Re: Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Monsieur

2018/08/08 (Wed) 16:57:52

how about 100m EUGE vis = 1G JGEvis?

Re: Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Despair URL

2018/08/09 (Thu) 23:06:02

1G JGE Vis = 175m EU Vis

Stock JGE Vis 5g

trade to sge - trader

2017/11/27 (Mon) 13:04:26

anyone want to trade my jge vis to sge steam vis/item?? :D

Re: trade to sge - trader

2018/01/25 (Thu) 14:02:23

up up~
or sell vis stock around 20G paypal thanks

Re: trade to sge - trader

2018/01/27 (Sat) 10:36:22

up up~
$5 USD/1G via paypal or trade to sge vis, leave comment here please if interested :D

Re: trade to sge - trader

2018/02/02 (Fri) 22:53:53

up, 50G stock...

Re: trade to sge - trader

2018/03/05 (Mon) 10:51:21

up, have 70G~

Re: trade to sge - Zweihander

2018/03/28 (Wed) 20:08:22

Hello dude can I buy 40G for $160 USD ?

Btw, what's your IGN and Email

Re: trade to sge trader URL

2018/03/29 (Thu) 08:49:06

hi, sorry for late reply yea, sure, please send a email or message to my fb, thank you

Re: trade to sge trader URL

2018/04/18 (Wed) 20:31:10

60G stock~ 4usd/1G

Re: trade to sge - trader

2018/04/25 (Wed) 14:03:55

SOLD SOLD thank you~

Re: trade to sge - HammerBarbarian

2018/05/10 (Thu) 10:19:21

i want buy 5g
contact my skype : live:janxkai01

Re: trade to sge trader URL

2018/07/10 (Tue) 16:19:32

UP 50G~

Re: trade to sge trader URL

2018/08/09 (Thu) 14:36:15


WTB>Executor anis 5g boiiis - Xamp 2.0

2018/07/28 (Sat) 10:58:23

WTB>Executor anis 5g boiiis

Re: WTB>Executor anis 5g boiiis - Lel

2018/07/30 (Mon) 09:04:38

GL broddah, shes arround 10g

Re: WTB>Executor anis 5g boiiis - Xamp 2.0 URL

2018/08/01 (Wed) 05:45:44

sorry m8 I am already got it for 6g ,GL for selling her 10g.Lel lol lel

Japanese people is better than you m8,dont forget to turn on JP VPN m8

Clan - Twin

2018/07/28 (Sat) 15:12:25

Hi i'm tired to play alone is there a clan who accept players like me and do raids?

Price of HC - mr Magic

2018/07/18 (Wed) 20:15:17

Anyone know whats the price of HC?

Like how much can i get with 10$?

Look for people - Rengar

2018/07/12 (Thu) 12:18:35

Well, im trying to get back on Game

im Rengar Family, pm me in game for clan plox.

Re: Look for people - Snow

2018/07/16 (Mon) 22:17:28

hello there chiko

Re: Look for people - Rengar

2018/07/17 (Tue) 20:10:26

hi xd

No Title - HUERSON

2018/06/30 (Sat) 20:59:20

Algum brasileiro?

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