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game launching error Tye

2018/11/08 (Thu) 00:56:23

yo,it doesn't let me log in to the game for some reason, the GE window pops up after i hit start game from the site, and it just closes after a few seconds, anyone know a solution to this?

Re: game launching error - Carventess

2018/11/08 (Thu) 10:12:12

I think the solution of your problem is wait till next maintenance or reinstall the client

Re: game launching error - Cristopher

2018/12/10 (Mon) 01:19:40

Still same error? I have the same problem and no fix... terrible service

Re: game launching error BBreaper URL

2018/12/10 (Mon) 10:10:40

may be about windows 10 new update.

if u want to play JGE u should to close updating windows.

but if install new update already ,u can try to remove that one-by-one.and after remove one /restart and hit start game again

Re: game launching error - Layvaneth

2018/12/11 (Tue) 20:06:16

Actually refreshing Windows works. It's keeping your own files.

SELL JGE VIS 3USD:1Gvis out of stock BBreaper URL

2018/09/27 (Thu) 15:33:09

update >Tuesday 11 December 2018

out of stock


Purchase by PAYPAL

skype: jj_tmrzxcv
email: architectict@gmail.com

***If you use another apps or program,Please reply me and post your contacts. Don't be hesitate for talk with me.I'll appreciate it.

Re: SELL JGE VIS - Hado-Elbow

2018/10/28 (Sun) 23:27:26

may I buy 5G for 15USD ?

Re: SELL JGE VIS 3usd/1G [Instock 25G] BBreaper URL

2018/11/10 (Sat) 17:51:51

out of stock

Re: SELL JGE VIS out of stock Muhammad Taufik

2018/11/18 (Sun) 01:03:01

Check pm

Re: SELL JGE VIS out of stock BBreaper URL

2018/12/09 (Sun) 22:16:21

out of stock!

Re: SELL JGE VIS 3USD:1Gvis BBreaper URL

2018/12/11 (Tue) 19:55:50

---- out of stock

Selling VIS Cheaper - Aster

2018/11/29 (Thu) 16:06:23

Sell vis
1 G = $4
10 G = $40 USD

50 AR Rifle / Fire Bracelet / Rod
Discord: Arcanine#6969
Email: arcaninelsna@gmail.com

Re: Selling VIS Cheaper - Aster

2018/12/02 (Sun) 18:39:58

Selling these items as well
+10 Aurea Draco Rod
+10 Aurea Draco Rifle
+10 Aurea Draco Pistol
+10 Aurea Draco Bracelet of Fire 3x
+10 Aurea Draco Rapier 2x
+10 Aurea Draco Bracelet of Special
+10 Void Anima Bracelet (for Navas)

+10 Valeron Leather Armor
+10 Dios Gloria Glove
+10 Dios Gloria Boots
+10 Dios Gloria Necklace
+10 Remembrance of the Temple (Rude)

Ring of Treaty
Valeron's Blue Rock Stone

Selling vis Kaiser Kagami

2018/11/23 (Fri) 20:19:51

anna sell some vis. Price:
5$ = 1G
45$ = 10G
220$ = 50G
375$ = 100G
Contact me via:
Discord: 上様#1136
Skype: kaiser.kagami
Gmail: huyloc2505@gmail.com

Selling vis Kaiser Kagami

2018/11/23 (Fri) 20:15:52

Wanna sell some vis. Price:
5$ = 1G
45$ = 10G
230$ = 50G
375$ = 100G
Contact me via:
Discord: 上様#1136
Skype: kaiser.kagami
Gmail: huyloc2505@gmail.com

Family name - Ranieri

2018/11/21 (Wed) 12:45:19

can anyone help me how to change family name please

Re: Family name - Layvaneth

2018/11/22 (Thu) 06:52:48

You can via website but it lasts only until next maintenance. Then your family's name is changing back to original.
More info on discord, #1569.

Need Faction - WoombyWeeby

2018/11/17 (Sat) 20:18:09

Need faction anyone who want Accept me as your member please my highest AR only 123
Write your IGN or contact bellow Thank you

Re: Need Faction - Layvaneth

2018/11/18 (Sun) 16:00:40

Hi Weeby. Still needed? If so - find me on discord: #1569

Re: Need Faction - WoombyWeeby

2018/11/19 (Mon) 10:42:15

Ohh hey Lavy, I got it already but it will be nice if I can join your discord

Re: Need Faction - Layvaneth

2018/11/20 (Tue) 16:22:12

Layvaneth#1569 pm on discord

Discord for community - Layvaneth

2018/11/18 (Sun) 15:59:38

If you're still looking for nice community and lil help to get into the game, write to me on discord~!


Vis - Old/New URL

2018/06/18 (Mon) 01:10:53

Anyone still selling vis for JGE? Please msg me thanks.

Re: Vis trader URL

2018/06/19 (Tue) 23:11:36

hi, please contact me if you still looking for vis, thanks

Re: Re: Vis Muhammad Taufik

2018/11/18 (Sun) 11:25:04

I need 6g

Re: Vis Muhammad Taufik

2018/11/18 (Sun) 11:26:57

You sell some vis? email me at taufikangrybirds@gmail.com

Selling Account - Quiting

2018/10/29 (Mon) 19:52:40

decent ar 125 dr 115 x2 vv x2 lion and many more Lv.86 Fam 96% complete all scenario and recruitment tons of medal (if medal lovers) argus pet valeron accesories legend weap direwolf weap

Re: Selling Account - Astaraoth

2018/10/29 (Mon) 23:15:46

150 usd

Re: Selling Account - Quiting

2018/10/30 (Tue) 02:45:37

250 usd deal

Re: Selling Account - Astaraoth

2018/10/30 (Tue) 07:46:18


Re: Selling Account - Quiting

2018/10/30 (Tue) 12:24:45

Give me your discord i pm you

Re: Selling Account - Astaraoth

2018/10/30 (Tue) 22:04:30


Re: Selling Account Muhammad Taufik

2018/11/17 (Sat) 23:57:37

Sell vis?

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