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WTB = JGE Vis - Duan

2018/10/14 (Sun) 23:51:50

WTB = Sinner Necklace or Above x 3pcs
WTB = Temporary Armor (Coat/Leather) x 1

WTB = JGE Vis 200b

Payment Method Paypal, leave your offer thanks

Re: WTB = JGE Vis limousinx9

2018/10/15 (Mon) 05:29:44

1G = 4USD
10G = 39USD
100G = 350USD
200G = 670USD

Re: WTB = JGE Vis - Duan

2018/10/15 (Mon) 11:30:45

OK i want, how to reach you?

Re: WTB = JGE Vis limousinx9

2018/10/15 (Mon) 12:17:26

email limousinx9@hotmail.com

Re: WTB = JGE Vis - Duan

2018/10/21 (Sun) 17:45:27

please reply me at email, thanks!

Trade EUGE Vis to JGE Almond

2018/09/19 (Wed) 13:37:12

i have 5.3b in EU GE to trade to JGE

Re: Trade EUGE Vis to JGE - Almond

2018/10/18 (Thu) 01:58:27

Up, trande 5.3b EUGE to JGE 150:1

Team Building - TrueShadow

2018/10/15 (Mon) 15:53:14

What teams are super powerful as of right now? It's been a while since i played and my current team is VV/Ion/Anis. Are there any more powerful teams atm?

Re: Team Building BBreaper URL

2018/10/15 (Mon) 17:29:30

magic Kiss[necessary to boost attack rate to max]

shooting / physic lionel[newstance rifle+rifle]

Looking for Faction - TrueShadow

2018/10/15 (Mon) 01:39:48

Hey, i just came back on after a long hiatus. Are there any open factions around now?
My AR/DR: 113/106
Family Level: 75
Family Name: TrueShadow

Register - makkuxds

2018/10/07 (Sun) 21:48:24

how to register?


2018/09/27 (Thu) 15:33:09

update >Tuesday 16 october 2018

out of stock

Purchase by PAYPAL

talk about price 1G = ????USD
skype: jj_tmrzxcv
email: architectict@gmail.com

***If you use another apps or program,Please reply me and post your contacts. Don't be hesitate for talk with me.I'll appreciate it.

Looking for faction - Ghost

2018/09/16 (Sun) 21:51:04

Looking for faction that do dailies mission
my ar/dr:116-120/110
fam lv : 84
fam name : 寝ゴースト
just come back after 12th

Re: Looking for faction - Ghost

2018/09/25 (Tue) 14:14:02

still looking for faction anyone?

No Title - Izzy

2018/09/24 (Mon) 01:46:01

Trying to buy vis. just need a few G's. leave contact details and price

Re: No Title trader URL

2018/09/24 (Mon) 08:57:03

4 usd /1G, have +- 50G, using paypal

Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Despair URL

2018/07/29 (Sun) 07:57:27

Rate 1G JGE Vis = 200m EU Vis

Re: Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Monsieur

2018/08/08 (Wed) 16:57:52

how about 100m EUGE vis = 1G JGEvis?

Re: Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Despair URL

2018/08/09 (Thu) 23:06:02

1G JGE Vis = 175m EU Vis

Stock JGE Vis 5g

Re: Re: Trade my JGE VIS TO EU VIS - Almond

2018/09/19 (Wed) 20:45:17

1G: 150m geeu, i have plenty

Level up? Raising fam lvl - Izzy

2018/09/16 (Sun) 19:48:35

Without Feso...

is SCR still the best place to level up or? any suggestion? i'm just getting back into the game after a year.. not so rich before so feels like starting over again.

Re: Level up? Raising fam lvl - Red Kirin

2018/09/16 (Sun) 20:24:58

Just do a Bounty Hunter mission you will get Exp Card from there

Re: Level up? Raising fam lvl - Izzy

2018/09/16 (Sun) 20:37:29

I realized that. However, it has very limited entry and has random rewards, making it lacking. Maybe i'm just looking for a faster way or is it that Feso is the only faster way?

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