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Sell item and VIS JGE [3USD/G] BBreaper URL

2019/03/20 (Wed) 18:45:55

Runic vigilar Necklace+10 AR+9 Dr+8[All Stat+3] 60G
Javed Diary+10[AR50] 6G
Buy all 63G / 180USD
>>> instock VIS 122G <<<

Buy all item + all VIS = 530USD

Via by PAYPAL[3usd:1Gvis]

Contact me 24hour
by >>
email: architectict@gmail.com / limousinx9@hotmail.com
skype >> jj_tmrzxcv

Night Raid - Recruiting Members

2019/03/17 (Sun) 04:17:07

NightRaid is recruiting members we are just small group of casual players we do dallies every reset just the one we can finish it sent mail in game if want to join :)

jge vis~ trader URL

2019/02/11 (Mon) 21:59:27

S> jge vis 3usd/g have 50G via paypal

leave pm or send email thank you~

Re: jge vis~ leo

2019/02/18 (Mon) 16:34:47

hello, still have vis??

Re: jge vis~ trader URL

2019/02/19 (Tue) 08:55:28

hi, yes, i still have, sent an email to you

Re: jge vis~ trader URL

2019/03/12 (Tue) 11:04:54

up~ or can trade to sge item/vis thank you~

Looking for clan - Andrew

2019/03/07 (Thu) 22:57:09

I am from US and I am looking for clan/faction

No Title - Albert 2

2019/02/22 (Fri) 10:12:47

Anyone knows how to fix the all chars looking like red polygonals? also mobs looks red polygonals

Re: No Title - Layvaneth

2019/02/23 (Sat) 18:37:29

Need to reinstall client.

Any issues or questions related to game pm on discord at Layvaneth#1569, we have community discord too.

No Title - Codename F

2019/02/21 (Thu) 22:35:10

Is JGE maint now? opening launcher & it keep give message about currently under maintenance.

No Title - Albert

2019/02/21 (Thu) 05:37:43

Anyone knows how to fix not launching game problem? it happens that I hit game start but game is not launching and page stucks on a blank page. Already tried to reinstall game but its not working.

PS: I fornmated my C disk and I got jge on D disk

No Title - pp

2019/02/20 (Wed) 15:34:44

Illegal brothels

prostitute slave. exclusive, secret video



No Title leo

2019/02/18 (Mon) 22:03:29

WTB> Gehenna Stance

99704 error - help

2019/02/04 (Mon) 14:17:59

guys anyone knows how to fix the 99704.zip error when pathching? i need help i cant play

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